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#what goes around comes around/right back again# (of course)
KARMA. As a wise man rabbit, no doubt wiggled his nose and said: 'Is a bitch full of carrots'.

We know the bad thing that I did last week. Not EVIL, murderer bad,or even Nestle bad... but just ethically dodgy and wrong thing.

Anyhoo...Monday I found out that the little film my acting teacher was directing was happening the following day. Noone had told me this and I was working Tuesday so I made the rational decision that acting in a film was way more important to me than going into work. True. Even my Mother would advise me to pull a sicky if anyhthing I want to spend my life doing/ love trumps one day of minimum wage at a place I never take illegal days off from...
Anyhoo..I think I did feel pretty ropey that morning, but I'm sure I convinced myself of that afterwards so I'd feel less dishonest. So i phoned in sick to work..stomach cramps, very bad, no it's definately not my period (most of that was true!).
So, at 12 noon I met the acting class guys and our teacher and we jumped onto the tube to shoot (all guerilla, handheld) this short film about a guy who: 'fucking hates North London. I hat the smell, I hate the people,(bunch of cunts) I hate the houses like fucking white rabbit hutches..' etc..that's the gist of the monologue. I just played a word-less passenger in the carriage..but BOY did my eyes do the talkin'! Hahahha
Anyway, we finished filming bout half 2 and I had the first of my karmic-guided BAD decisions...Nathan, our teacher started talking about this great pub near Borough station where 'the people are great, the food is great, proper pub'..Nathan is, if you hadn't guessed it already...is American. Us Brits dont give a shit about good food or good people..we have dead taste pallettes and can be quite aloof in public house situations, I find. Anyway, so I went 'Yeh! Lets go there, that sounds great!' so off we toddled to there. Arrived at the pub Nathan and the gang are greeted by a few red-faced, wide-yet baggy-eyed Yorkshire men and informed that Lunch is no longer being served. We all decide to go to Chicken Cottage but on the way I see a caf and say 'yeh, lets go in here'. We eat (yummy, chicken and cheese melt), pay and leave. I turn into the tube station entrance and announce that I'm off home..Nathan says..'nah, come for a drink down the pub'. I say no...I shouldn't..but..ah, okay...I'll come for half a coke..I step back onto the street and BAM..face to face with my Boss! No, not the boss in Canary Wharf..miles form Borough..the boss of her and therefor my BIG boss who HAPPENED to be on jury service around the corner this week!!!!! And she had phoned the other boss that morning to chat and she was aware of my near-fatal tummy pangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ladies and gentlemen..100% proof of Karma. And I deserved it.

5:21 p.m. - 2009-11-30


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